Strange email from hotel.social

We have apartments that we only rent via booking and on no other website. I already was wondering why I can find our apartments also on other websites in the net, but never took care of that or contacted those companies.

Today I even got an email from info@hotel.social where they congratulate for our super performance. 

I am sure some of you have the same experiences ? How do/did you react?

I cancel all those mails, without opening any link etc. , but I am wondering what happens if somebody books our apartment via any of these non-official offers.

Thankful for any recommendation!


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SKKY Hotel 2 months ago

I haven't dealt with Hotel.Social, but I have seen bookings coming in from other sites that say they are affiliated with Booking.com. Unfortunately, the guests get charged more money through those sites without knowing it. I've tried to be removed from it without success. Up to the guests to be aware of where they are booking. 

Trevor Parry 2 months ago

They also offer breakfast at places that don't do breakfast.  I have contacted bookingdotcom but get the usual "how may I help you" response to a question.  As an experiment I tried to book something through hotelsocial and the website crashed.  

Cornelia Rossmann 2 months ago

Thanks, Trevor for sharing. Have a great christmas time and all the best for 2024!

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Sapnu Maja 1 month ago

Yes i have got the same emails from them. My opinion - its  just new company marketing trick. this way they try to make new clients who want list property on the site and to print out their (hotel.social ) Award page. But in real its means nothing, also you can make your own reward and offer it to other hosts, + offer to print it out. Good Marketing step.