strange night Help

after spending an eternity trying to get through to somebody ,maybe somebody here can advise.

 in short 

 Guests checked in to our B&B at 5 pm .left their luggage in the room

used the spa ,ate their own food alfresco  with a bottle of wine or 2. 

all ok went to their room at 9pm .  midnight ,the guest claimed to suffer from claustrophobia (1st guest in over 100 ), we offered them another room which was refused ,Then we spent an hour finding alternative accommodation for them after they wanted to sleep in the garden on a sun lounger , in the dining room on a chair ,in their car and then asked if we had a tent ?  They left for possibly for a formula 1 pod (even smaller) 

the decision to leave at 12.30 am was theirs , and it was a three day booking booked 4 months before

feeling confused and don`t know where we stand .we couldn`t do any more for them and feel as though a very negative review is on the way .

  to speak directly with booking .com would have been helpfull 

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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

It's not your fault - and you did everything you could to help them. If you get a negative review, it might be unfair, but you can't do anything about it - just don't worry and keep up the good service and you'll get more positive reviews.