Hı. I recıved suspensıon emaıl from bookıng.com. They say we were unprofessıonal and phısıcly  aggressıve towards our guest. We do not know what ıs thıs about. We have 16 camera ı nour hotel and can provıde roof ıf ıt ıs needed. Our guest are our top prıorıty. We have good feedback and also won Traveller Revıew Award 2020. Pls can someo help and guıde what to do ın thıs sıtuatıon. Thank you.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Roozendaal (Fecri Kir, Owner)


Due to the nature of this and here being Partner Hub , not BdC support Hub, you will need to pick up the phone and contact them to discuss and send on the video if requested.


Guests will chance arms etc, and forget there are cameras.


I would suggest if also possible have someone review the video for their stay to clip all views of them and ideally if given a date /time see where video shows them .


Also open their reservation, and see if the Report guest on right pane is active. Make a report and enable the blacklist option on bottom.


Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide

Reminder partner only communityhas no link to BdC support, you must contact them directly.  


Kind Regards


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