sync calendar

I am replying to your reply that responded to my earlier query. Your reply message came to my phone app on 11 july 2020 ,

it asked for the booking number on my problem.

My problem: the calendar for home away did not sync and a guest booked dates that were not available.

the booking number  was - ***, the guest cancelled the booking at my request after several phone calls between us, the guest agreed to cancelling as the dates were not available..

The home away calendar used to sync ...they use a URL link.

When i went to correct the sync issue booking .com  requested an ICal link .. you never informed me that the URL sync was no longer working .

I have requested an iCal link from HomeAway.

Why does the URL link no longer work. this is a problem.  Home Away can take your ical or a URL link.

Please advise what i am to do to sync the homeaway calendar.


also ... i tried to reply via the phone app message from booking.com in the activities section of the app. the reply send button does not work.I caNNOT REPLY VIA THE APP THE SEND BUTTON DOES NOT WORK.

this is a problem at your end not mine.