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I would like to know how to sync my expedia calendar with booking.com?

Thank you

BrookAve 3 years ago




Based on my own experience and other topics on same answered by Isle of Wight, it should NOT be relied upon. 


What type of property have you got?



Please complete your profile with your property listing linked it makes it easier for use to understand the context and scope of questions as they can be different answers depending on listing type and region etc.

But again I strongly reccomend you do not try to sync as it just doesnt work, i.e. you cant 100% rely on it to automatically update in both directions.


Isle of Wight  and others will also tell you to simply block dates on BDC once you gert an expedia booking and vice versa.


I know you are probably thinking same I did when I first saw this, what happens when someone books when you are asleep and then during same time period another person book for same dates on both OTA services for the same room …?? 

Answer is not a whole lot you can do other can cancel one , but most of the time it will have to be the other OTA booking not BDC, as BDC are cheeky to have a policy of Host cannot cancel a booking for any reason. 


Now clearly that's is not ok, so the work around is you put into your terms and conditions  aka house rules, that any double booking or fake, malicious booking will be cancelled at the discretion of the Host.


I also recommend you put the cancellation by host policy into your first automatic message for new reservations. 

You will find by searching in here many sync topics and cancellation issue topics all says essentially the same.

If there's one thing I've quickly learned and adapted over time is... leverage the automatic messages to make it 100% crystal clear to a guest  .1 what they are getting 2. the conditions of the agreement 3. house rules 


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