Techincal Glitch for Unanswered Topics where answered not auto removed from view


Hi Communities Team  


Could someone report this up to the developers how these two topics under Unanswered are still months later showing as unanswered and not auto dropping out of this list by design. They actually have several replies which should have triggered it to be removed from that list.


Under unanswered you will see them as 


  • Manti Liebenberg - No Bookings  Guest Payments & finances 0 Replies  
  • Goodmore Hotel Partner Feedback 0 Replies  

Clearly there are replies so the Zero Replies is not correct.



One interesting thing I noticed about the second one from Goodmore is there is no Topic title displayed therefore nothing to select, which is bizarre as you would think in order to post , the title field would be mandatory with a field validation check to prevent this.

Likely all this needs it delete or edit it to set a title.


Would be great to have those two fixed.


Kind Regards





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Don Burns 3 years ago

I wish this Booking,com hosts' blog could be designed like "Airbnb Hosts Forum," whose website is:




However, the hosts on Airbnb Forum can be very rude, cliquish, and mean.  Be careful not to start a long and pointless message war on this community hosting website.

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Dear Don,

More changes??? we will be lost completely....ha....ha....ha...


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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Barry, I think there is probably a bug and those posts cannot be remove!!!!


3 years ago

Hi Barry Reilly! Thanks for posting, I shared this with the product team.