Three booking.com operatives hanging up on me, and not telling the truth

there have been some technical issues with my booking.com extranet, one person didn't solve the issue or look at it properly, and hung up on me.  the next person (very helpful Dorota) found the correct information and confirmed that it was a technical error (we had a whole month blocked out unbeknown to us, only realised because bookings were unusually quiet) but they said booking.com took no responsibility.  I later tried to sort a promotion for that period to sell rooms that were/are still available, and that next person I rung hung up on me without solving my issue. I spoke to someone else, revisiting the technical error closure, and he told me it wasn't booking.com, threatened to hang up on me, told me 'good luck' sarcastically when I said I would request the recorded phone conversation with Dorota, and then he did go ahead and hang up on me.  he also said he would put a note on the system for no one to talk to me about the issue again.  Just speechless at the customer service by booking.com.  You have some serious issues, and it seems a regular thing or your operatives to be unhelpful, get and give the wrong information, only that information that supports your own view, not actually the truth (we had opened up the month of October long ago, all the way up to Christmas) and hanging up on people! three times!

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BrookAve 3 years ago

Holy crap, what country/ regional support team was it.?