Traveller Review Awards 2020

Today we recieved an email from Booking.com entitled "The Monthly Edit : January's round-up of news, tips and discussions".

As part of that email, there was a link spotlighting the Traveller Review Awards 2020.

When you clicked on the link, the Webpage that opened showed a supposed property called The Grand Hotel and proudly emblazoned a Score of 8 on it's Award Decal.

Is this a subtle hint from Booking.com that hard earned Scores over the last 2 years maintaining an average Review Score of 9.9 out of 10 will eventually count for nothing.

In the 3 Months since their new Review Scoring System has been trialled, our 9.9 out of 10 has now slipped to a 9.7 out of 10.

No one at Booking.com that we have spoken to, whetyher it be in Guest Services, or Partner Services,  has a good word to say about the new ratings sytem, as they are all being lambasted by Motelliers and Hotelliers screaming loudly about the failings of the new System.

How can Booking.com stand by and watch what was a fair and honest Review System go to the dogs.

In 2 Years time, the Top Review Score on Booking.com will be an 8.something out of 10, as all the scores from the old review system fall away after 24 Months.

Is this really where you want your Review Scores to go to Booking.com?

Your Reviews will soon be as irrelevant as those posted on a Google Business Listing, whereby anyone even passing your Motel/Hotel is reminded by Google to leave a review of this Property. (Whether they have been here or just passed by in a car on their way to somewhere else.)

Change back to your old Review System, scrap this "Trial", Average Out all the Individual Category Scores left by Guests during this Trial, and give us our rightful Review Scores.

We have worked hard for them, and we damned well deserve it.

If you agree with this, help let Booking.com know how Motelliers/Hotelliers are feeling by joining in this feed, and also by emailing Pepijn Rijvers, Senior Vice President of Accommodation, Booking.com in Holland.


Kind regards


Malcolm Glen

Motel Manager

One88 on Commerce Motel, Whakatane, New Zealand.


Mswavellheights 4 years ago

I have been advocating about Guest Reviews for two years as the Expedia guest reviews works well.  KISS principle has not been applied by Booking.com and the more complex the system, the worse it will work!  Using emoticons is not realistic as it depends on how the guest is feeling on that day.  Guest reviews should be forthcoming so that there is a curbing of bad behaviour by guests.  Currently the guest review system is one-sided and how is this fair?  Airbnb rates accommodation owners and guests which works the best.  Time for change.

One88 on Commerce 4 years ago

Dear Mswavellheights,


You are so right, we work all hours of the day and night, supplying quality accommodation to ungrateful Guests, and when they do anything from Smoking in our Units, through to actual physical violence against staff and management, all we can do is lodge a "Guest Misconduct" notification to Booking.com.

And here is the kick in the Guts about that.

They still get to post a Review and Ratings Score, and you know that is NEVER going to be a 10.

Booking.com should introduce a *** - *** so we can place repeat offenders on notice and not have to let them book back into our Motel, or any other Motel.

If they cannot stay after BAD Behaviour, maybe they will think about how they are behaving themselves in the first place.


Kind regards


Liz and Malcolm



They still get to

Mswavellheights 4 years ago

Booking.com asks for feedback from accommodation owners but NEVER makes relevant changes and I totally agree with your comments.  I feel that the Genius program gives Booking.com guests a sense of HUGE entitlement that you need to allow their rude and often obnoxious behaviour or the review score will be 5-6/10.  I spent one year on Booking.com before applying to Expedia.  Somehow the Expedia guests do not behave like Booking.com guests and I still do not know why?  Airbnb guests have the right to review accommodation owners and they likewise.  What a wonderful, fair, just system which stops bad behaviour and gives accommodation owners the rightful respect they deserve.  KISS principles shouild be applied to Booking.com as their Marketing Team have always attempted to make the system as difficult as possible.  Time for change so that we have a fairer system like Airbnb.