Traveller Review Awards 2024

Hi everyone, 

I am a Booking.com partner and I have assigned my property to Booking.com's platform in order to rent it.

Now the last 3 years i have been awarded with the - according to each year's Traveller Review Award - the golden award. However, this year - 2024 - i didn't received any award !!!
As far as i recall a property owner/manager needs at least 3 reviews from his clients - who booked the specific property - in order to get an award. Last summer - 2023 - i had 4 only reviews from all the customers who booked my property and thus i should have been awarded accordingly to their reviews.

I visited the following link https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/traveller-review-awards to receive my award , but when i put my property's ID i get the following message:
"Hmmm… That property ID doesn’t come up as a winner.

Please check the extranet to make sure you’ve entered it correctly. Or if you manage multiple properties, try entering another ID."

So i am wondering what is wrong and why i can't receive my reward