Travellers award 2022

Hello fellow hosts. We have been with Booking.com for a few years now and whilst we found it a little complex to set up in the beginning, it is now very much, set and forgotten. We do need to review our listing of course however, this is only every few months, e.g. photos, policies, etc. 

We were super happy to achieve an 8+ ave review for our 2nd year running.

As to what makes the difference, I feel strongly it's about treating your guests as if you they were you. We re-invest in the property regularly so that guests can see the property is well maintained and we are trying to make their experience the very best. For example, pruning and removing vegetation, re-graveling paths, topping up chip bark, ensuring all electrics work, providing books and games, etc. 


This year we are completing the fencing and providing a gate so the property is now fully enclosed.

We are also providing NBN (finally), upgraded downlights and plug points, and solar power.

Our bookings have increased significantly over this past few months possibly also due to the fact people are hesitant to travel OS. 

Finally, keeping our prices competitive. You need to charge a fair price so that you can maintain the property of course, however, keeping it in the range is my advice.

I look forward to reading others' comments about how they have achieved their award.

Cheers, Andrew Arnold, property owner.

BrookAve 2 years ago

Welcome Andrew


I just clicked on your profile to see your link to listing, but it is missing. If you did that we could see the wonderful place you speak of.


Kind regards