Two properties next door - joint profile??


I've got two properties with separate profiles that are next door to each other - both are for  10 people . I'd like to be able to offer them as a combined booking for travellers in large parties, so that it shows in the search when they look for 20 people. 

Is there an easy way to create a new profile for both properties which allows them to be booked together?

Can you link this new  profile so it updates the booking diary in the other properties so they cannot be booked when someone uses the new profile to book both?

Many thanks!!

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hi Ska ,

Oh no. Firstly, welcome to the forum! But secondly oh no.

This is a the type of query that comes up a lot and sadly there is a resounding wall that everyone always hit when they want to change/combine properties that are loaded as seperate entities.

According to my knowledge, no. There is no way of combining them now as you can't Reload a property (eg. you delete it and load it again). You also can't combine two properties already loaded.

But, here is my suggestion. Speak to your Account Manager, he/she might have great tips on how to help you with this. You can find his/her information on the extranet -> Inbox -> Booking.com messages -> Scroll down and their contact details will appear on the right hands side of the screen.

Sorry about that! Best of luck, let us know if I have the completely wrong information please :-)

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Sara Jarvis 4 years ago

SkA I Saw something useful on another website that I copied when I wanted to add a room to mine

It worked for me

a London host had a large ish listing called. A)

he then listed a second listing which I call B and mentioned A) in his description.

He is always sold out in both.

i don’t know if this would work on Booking, but I use it now on ABB for extra rooms.

Ska 4 years ago

Many thanks for your input!