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Unfair ANONYMOUS reviews

How can it be fair to publish reviews that have been left by someone who doesnt have the courage to leave their name or any connection with their booking so that the issues might be at least recognised if not followed up.

Its bad enough not having the right to reply - which is also unfair

It appears that the multinationals of the world are more interested in generating "content" than actually addressing the impact this "dark" material can have on individuals.

Its only ever those leaving a dishonest review that do so anonymously - clearly fearful of any potential comeback to their lying.

Booking PLEASE - no identity, no voice! 


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fluff 4 years ago

This comes up so many times and still BDC turn a deaf ear.

Our few anonymous, negative reviews have been from truly awful guests. It's very telling that this type of guest puts in such reviews, nasty to the end!

Forget it and move on but I do agree they should not be allowed.

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Moulin2Roues 4 years ago

The reason I am speaking out is the only reason that they are tolerated is for the commercial benefit of the huge multi-nationals. Google drives everyone to produce "content" in order to improve rankings in search and reviews are very rich material in that they are "independent".  So BDC are motivated to allow anything in pursuit of higher rankings without having to pay for position.

From a users perspective do we really believe the malicious reviews that stand out from the rest as being "unlikely" or do we recognise that the reviewer is probably the one with the problem and not the property? 

But, when applying filters when we search, those properties on the cusp of 7+ 8+ or 9+ will no longer appear in the search results.  Those dented by vindictive users are pushed under the radar.  Not just unfair but impacting livelihood too.  What if these individuals could have us review their performance at work to the point it affects their remuneration, reputation and mental well-being?