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Morning all. I can take criticism, but when i get an anonymous review, by a US traveller with children, and no children have stayed here for ages that is strange, to say the least. Furthermore, i have had just 3 bookings this year; two left lovely written comments, and one gave me a 10. My score is/was top for a villa on the island, so i am at a loss as to how this guest found so much to complain about when my average is 9.7? It ran out at a paltry 6.0, with cleanliness a 5, which is nonsense, especially with COVID and 2.5 for value for money, when i have been told i dont charge enough? It has really knocked me, especially when they had an apartment and pool to themselves. I am at a loss. Look forward to some sound advice. Thanks. 

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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

Advice - deep breath, have beer, carry on providing great service to your guests - let the frustration subside and let the bad review get buried by great reviews - be assured that you're not the only one this happens to - there are loads of threads about the unfair BDC reviews policy .....

BrookAve 3 years ago


  1. US traveller with children-
    1. Ah yes the system tries to auto set a summary for the review and gets it 100% wrong. I have seen this many times.
  2. Unrealistic Review Scores
    1. Yes this is another mixed bag of guests, were one scale does not seem to mean the same to them all.
  3. deep breath, have beer, carry on providing great service
    1. ​​​​​​​This actually is great advise, as you will end up stressing yourself out over something you have no control over.
      I find the best thing to do is leave a tactful, call it how it really is reply, while being firm and polite.


Jenny and Doug… 3 years ago

Hi in my experience it is best to just let it go.  We were upset about a review and I even phoned Booking.com but at  the end of the day people will still come and stay.  It is upsetting but just look forward to welcoming your next guest

Phil Wegas 3 years ago

yes, we have had guests stay for one night (apparently with children) but it was a guest and their partner who used the accomodation for other reasons ;)

They also left a cleaniless score which was not at all commensurate with reality, and any of the other reviews we have received. We pride ourselves on hygiene and cleanliness during this time.

Other 2 way feedback systems are better in my opinion where the hosts/partners can answer any irregular feedbacks and set the record straight. I wonder if booking.com will evolve to provide partners the opportunity to two way feedback at one stage which is a better vetting process entirely.