Unfair reviews from misbehaving guests

Hi fellow partners.

Does anyone else have the occasional frustration when a guest who bucks every rule, disrespects fellow guests and basically leaves their accommodation in a disgusting state, then go on to give you a shocking review because you may have tried to charge a cleaning fee or let them know facilities are for paying guests only after they have invited extended family and friends in to use the facilities.


I find it totally unfair as the paying customer to booking.com that we as the hotel owners do not have any rights when it comes to having these reviews removed.

Thankfully they are very few and far between, but they are still bothersome and I believe it may deter others from booking when read.

It also can affect our score. 


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Andrea 


Yes there have been a handful of these posts over the last 12 months.


And as per the BdC guidelines and procedures, unless the Guest breaks the feedback rules,, there is nothing you can do but message the BdC Partner Support to see if your claim qualifies to remove it, but there is no guarantee.



My recommendation is to be firm but fair in wording when you reply to it, so as to clarify their misinformation, and misconceptions.

So that someone else reading it later can see you did everything for them but they were being difficult and unruly when they stayed, without justification.





Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well



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