Unjust bad reviews

I find it slightly ironic that Booking.com first have to check my reply to a guest review before they publish it. Why do they let guests get away with scoring and reviews that simply are not true. This is damaging when guest are purposely being malicious.

BrookAve 2 years ago

You should reply to the review ti declare the real facts in a carefully worded way so any one reading will see your truth.

K.Effie 1 year ago

Dear @Amand Brittain, we strongly agree with you, it is really unfair, Booking is always on the side of the guests even though they are abusive to the hotel staff in person or online through their malicious review just because they did not take what they wanted ( upgrade, free amenities, cleaning service after hours etc,etc) Even if guests are reported for bad behaviour in written report or by telephone during their stay they are allowed to post anything they like on their reviews downgrading our scores and destroying our reputations and afterwards sending us messages saying that _ you cannot do anything dear we are gold members! very unfair