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Updating room availability

I'm not au fait with the settings on and find some of the instructions difficult to follow. I'm posting in case others can learn from my experience and avoid the same frustrations.

My holiday rental was not available past a certain date. After reading the forums, I realised this was limiting my visibility so I investigated how to change it. First I copied this year's rates to next. Then I checked my availability on the Calendar only to see that the unit was still showing 'sold out'. I could change the availability but had to do it individually, day by slow-refresh day.

I read more Help pages and Forum posts, tried 'Bulk edit' a number of times, but all to no avail.

Eventually, I read a post where someone said how easy it was to make changes on Pulse. So I downloaded it, activated it on my phone and finally I could tap and select months at a time to make the unit available. At last!

One more thing, though, I had to manually sync the calendar again to removed dates that had been booked. But at least it was a workaround.

Now, let those bookings come.

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Thuild - Your … 5 years ago

Dear Lindie,

Using the bulk editing you can do it better than on the Pulse app, just need to practice more with getting the procedure right.

Usually units that have more rooms to sell will use a channel manager which does this for them. That's why I find it easier to work with a CM. Also you can have more sales channels added and synced together to sell your unit in multiple places without worries.

Best regards,

Zsolt -

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Lindiewhite143 5 years ago

Thanks for your advice, Zsolt

I agree I need lots of practice! :-)

A channel manager sounds very professional. This is our holiday home that we are trying to use to generate an income so that we can also take vacations, so I'm not sure if a CM would be a viable option. But we'll keep learning from the other partners on the forum.

All the best


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Mary Villarubia 3 years ago

Dear Partners,


Need help asap, I have the same problem and the website is telling me that they will close my listing today Nov 20, 2019 if no room available. I have set my rooms available but it still says SOLD OUT.