URGENT Please advice on reservation without contact or never reply message

Recently there is many reservation made without providing contact number, and never reply to message using Booking.com message platform. We have been making so much loses due to those reservation, because most of them are no-show at the end. And the worst is  the reservation was made WITHOUT  credit card, which means we cannot charge any no-show penalty.

1. If we released their room and sold it to other guest, who knows the actually show up and angry because we released their room. Guest will never understand thats their fault for not leaving a contact nor reply to message.

2. We are kind to wait for them to show up but ended up they did not, and the room was not sold to anyone at the end because its late already. Leading us making loses.

3. This is a HUGE dilemma for hotelier to either wait for them or release their booking.

4. Many reservation are made not only WITHOUT contact, but also WITHOUT credit card details or payment prepaid. This is very risky for us when we can't even contact the guest for the confirmation of their arrival.

Booking.com should at least set a strict rule for providing a valid contact for every reservation. Thats the reason some of the hotels from our local community stop using Booking.com as their OTA anymore.