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Using the interface

Hi, I'm not very good at using the Extranet website.

Rate plans, room pricing... Whatever I do, it takes a long time and I have to start from square one each time I use the website.

There is no chat, no phone number and no one has ever emailed me even though I ask. Are there humans working at I had not paid my bill since November and no one ever complained for 4 months.

It's a hard to use website. I'm looking for ease. I list my space on 3 other sites, but BDC is the most complicated by far. Way more.

How can I get some help?

-Lost in internetextraface.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Greenhakka


Welcome to the Partner Community.

  • To be fair Extranet is not difficult at all.

    Yes  like most things can be a bit daunting at first, but compared to some other OTA, its very polished.
  • Its more of a challenge the first time due to not understanding the layout , flow and logical sections.
  • Yes I know I just used and logical in the same sentence, there is a first time for everything , lol.


The general order of things to do is 

  1. Frist read everything in 
    1. Your first steps with
    2. Working together with
    3. All solutions
  2. Now with the information gained, some will not apply straight away.

  3. Up top right of this page is a Language selection. This may have your option and in most cases will bring you to the Community page for that language.

  4. Then you can use the same links above for the same topics mentioned.
  5. First I would set one Rate plan
  6. Now set one Room Type with a count of 1 only for now.
  7. Link the room in the Rate Plan
  8. Set Rate options as needed.
  9. When you add a room type under Property menu, avoid trying to be too granular. Keep it high level for now. As you can tweak , change it later.
  10. This is just to get you used to the layout and menus and the various forms and options.
  11. Now set policies in Property menu, followed by a cancellation policy.

All of this has guides in the Partner Help section above.

All you need is a bit of patience, and do not try to do everything at once.

That is what happens to many new partners, they essentially wind themselves up in fustration.

This is very common phenomenon when it comes to using technology .

It is the same working in I.T.  , I have seen it all over the last 23 years, nothing surprises me any more , lol


Side Note  your actual Property Link is this one  and not the one you put in profile :




Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well.



Contact BdC Support via :

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