Verification of my hotel just when the short season started

So I got an email from you that for 10 days my hotel will be blocked because of some kind of verification…

first at all how and who will do this? 
mans secondly why you were not able to do it when the rain season was over here… Now when all the tourists are coming and need to book a hotel you block mine for 1/3 of month, it’s a lot of money to lose

especially for a person that is respecting all the guidelines and trying their best to please our clients! 

i need a clarification on this subject and I find it really abusive to block the hotel for that long and also just when the season here in Odessa started…

BrookAve 2 years ago


Nope not from us, as we are not BdC Partner Support :)


That does sound suspicious and completely retarded if it is indeed a new BdC process.


Some days BdC really do not do themselves any favours with these weird nonsensical policies, that piss off their partners and potentially loose new partners over frivilous nonsense.


Here is what I would do next, simply phone them asap and find out if this is even real.


Assuming it is then ask, calmly , what can you do to expedite it.


Then come back and let us know : if its real, how long  for and what can be done to expedite ,so others can prepare for it.



Kind Regards.



contact Partner Services see below.


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