Verifying my new property

Hi There,


I am on (about) my 7 or 8'th phone conversation with the support team attempting to verify my property and it didn't happen for more than a month now.

Long story short:

I registered a new property (my third one) on booking, on feb 4'th. Unfortunately, due to some wrong information that i had back then, the address was wrong. I asked for an update regarding the address and this happened the next day. But after that.....i couldn't get a new activation code because it seems your procedure it doesn't work too well on the second attempt. After some phone conversation with your support team, (receiving different versions each time) one of the guys i was speaking to told me that he made a request for an alternative verifying method (a video call or something similar with your support team). But this took place about two weeks ago and nothing happened. Each time i was trying to find out something, the answer was to....wait. Ok, i was waiting for a month now and for that month of doing nothing....i had to pay 600 Euro as a rent not to mention the 5000 Euro invested in upgrades for the space, which means...i blocked a lot of money and i couldn't operate my business.

The question is.....what can i do to verify my property shortly?????

I cannot wait anymore for....i don't even know what.

I am losing money on that....and it is unpleasant.

The property ID is 4596573

As i already mentioned, it is my third property on booking.com, i am active for more than an year now, with no issues of any kind until now.

Thank you

Mircea Muntean


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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hey Mircea Muntean,

Sorry to hear about your struggles.

Having listed 5 (and having one in the verification process now), I can understand your frustration 100%. It's a lengthy process. As I can't be at 6 places at the same time, I had all properties verified without the code. Most of them were verified via the Video Call.

This is normally done by your Account Manager. If you go into your extranet, Inbox, scroll down and look to the right. His/Her name and contact details should be there. If it's not there on any of your properties, then you just phone into Booking.com and ask who the Account Manager is for the Area in which your property is located. This should grant you a name. That person is Responsible for getting your property open and bookable.

The Account Managers (normally amazingly energetic and knowledgeable people) are generally super busy as they sometimes go and visit the properties themselves to verify it. But trust me, once you get a hold of yours, your troubles will be over.

Hope this helps, if not I can direct you to the button on the "I did not get my code" hyperlink. You can request the alternative method again even though it has already happened.

Keep well!

(Sorry for the long essay, but I must say I have the best account manager on my properties)

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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

And you are the best student ever Leandri. Thanks to your essay we are informed of many interesting matters. Please keep on writing. Your knowledge is so helpful.
Have a good day.