Virtual credit card

first, we would like to express our deep disappointment and disagreement with your unilateral change to the virtual credit card redemption rule. The concluded contract is binding on both parties to the contract.

Changing the rule that we can use a virtual credit card only the day after the arrival of guests is inappropriate and controversial with our tax law.

It is usual to charge the guest for all services upon check-in at the reception. This is also best for the guests and us. Guests can focus on their holiday. Working at the reception is therefore even more demanding and complicated. We need to keep double records and warn guests that they still have to pay the bill, otherwise they may leave without payment as they think they have already paid all the costs through payment on booking.com. However, the virtual credit card only guarantees us the payment of overnight stays, and not other costs (tourist tax, parking ...).

We don't understand why you changed this? By doing so, you are forcing us to give up the option of accepting a virtual card for our guests.

You have done this without special notice or our opinion, so we urge you to keep the rules for using the virtual card on the day of the guest's arrival.

We look forward to your reply and clarification.

Kind regards,
Sebastjan Kokl,
director of Villa Domus

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Sebastjan


This has been covered in the special section that was put up ages ago for all partners , and is not suddenly new, we were told it was coming.


I am well aware 99% of partners read only 5% of what is on here, FACT!


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It likely will change back at some point , just not at the moment, given the current climate.