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I would like to offer a virtual tour to my appartment. Will this be possible? How is it possible? PS: I find it really annoying that I can't get in touch with you through email or over the phone!

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Welcome to the Partner Only  Forum, addressing only us not BdC support team.

Posting something like this will not result in any action at all.


Hi Lukas Brunbauer


1.Phone Number  As per the Partner Help section and contact Us on footer of every page, there is public and partner only contact options.

My guide in the signature below has my visual guide for finding the Partner  Support aka BdC Support, phone number for you.



2. Virtual Tours 

While its not a feature on Extranet, you can install youtube or whatsapp on your phone and do a walk though, then when you get a booking send it to them via whats app.


Also save it to your YouTube channel as unlisted and just use the direct links to place them into message templates and Fine Print (if fine print allows it).



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Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide


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Lukas Brunbauer 2 years ago

thank you very much Brooke for the swift reply to my request. The contacting over the phone still is too complicated. I would expect a national phone-number to call and being able to talk about my topic with a real person...

Also the virtual tour aspect is not something I want to offer post-booking but as a teaser. The local service alike Craigslist offers 360° tour-view for any realties if you have the visuals.

Thank you however once again for taking the time to respond my question(s).