We are company producing Self Checkin Devices


I have aquestion. We produce self checkin devices and we are intersting to became a channel manager. We found on booking.com website the API documentation ad we would be able to programm this. But i dont know who can give us demo account. All contacts till now with booking are confused. Nobody give right answeres. 

Can somebody help us. 

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Snowoffice GmbH

BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Vernes,


I would be interested in trailing that as guineapig.


I'm based in Ireland and I use yale smart lock on one of my outter doors to streamline entry..


But I currently cannot automate the smasung smartthings hub that it links to  to then work with  Booking.com API.


THere is an IFTTT standard I was hoping someone would find YALE API and Booking API or Samrt things API and booking API and make some magic happen.


So your product sounds promising. would love to hear more.


I would suggest you reach out and list a location you have for the demo setup. It costs nothing to set up other than patience to wait to be verified.





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