Weird email about a no show

A 'no show' entered as a no show next morning tried to contact the guest but didn't respond to my messages, name had included address in name,  I did a search for this but no road of that name.  A  little while later had a this booking has been cancelled message (as per normal).  Now was settled down to enjoy my evening (as have nice guests who communciated well arrived) in and had the following message, unless the guest lied to them I really don't know what they are on about. 

Hi Txxxxx,
We are contacting you about David, reservation 9999999999

You informed us that this guest was a No-Show in your Extranet. The guest has since been in touch with us and let us know that the booking was cancelled directly by your property.

If a guest contacts you directly to cancel a booking in the future, please refer them to the Booking.com website. Alternatively, you can direct them to our Customer Service team.

If you have any questions, we are here for you.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Pennyinnz


If you click on no show on a reservation , and the guest then rings BdC, then BdC have a record of no cancellation was made by Host nor the Guest.

So the Guest telling BdC Host cancelled is clearly not true and the BdC system has the evidence to prove this.

Note: you only mark a no-show after midnight on the check in day. I think it even give s you a warning when you first click on No Show to say must be X hours.


I usually wait until at least 01:00/ 1AM or later the next morning when I wake up.

In some cases guest may still show up in the night. Especially if there is a self service check in via a door code .



Note: This is a Partner forum, support team is not reading this. So your ending paragraph will never be acknowledge nor followed as a process by BdC. They will never do any  of that.

Kind Regards


If you still want to talk to a BdC Support Advisor simply go to Inbox, Booking Messages, click on Contact Us.


Note:: adding your property link to your partner profile helps other partners help and advise you.