Western Hospitality and then Kick it up 10 Notches!

I meet my guests with a handshake and a "howdy". The view is spectacular and they have 50 acres to roam with the antelope. I offer them a glass of wine or beer and supper is on the wood burning stove. They have had a long day on the road....help them relax and settle in. They will not only return...they do not want to leave. I hear many times that my place was the HIGHLIGHT of their travels. For that I am grateful.


Ms. F. Mikel Carmon/owner/Spiritriders Retreat/Buffalo, Wyoming USA

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Hi Fc4126 and welcome to the forum. I checked out your site. What an amazing property. No wonder your guests don’t want to leave, who would??? You are very fortunate having such an incredible Retreat....
Happy posting...