What is Coronavirus and how to avoid it?

Coronavirus or Covid-19: As we know that WHO declares this Coronavirus as an Health Emergency for every country. There is lots of fears, Confusions about this disease in people's mind. Corona Virus has become a infectious disease in all over world. Many of Countries are collapsing because of this Virus like China, America (US), Italy, Iran,Spain, Britain and many more. Also in India, because of this infectious Virus India has lockdown for 21 days.
In all over world due to this health emergency, Curfew has been imposed in many countries. Currently in
India, there are approx 979 positive cases of corona Virus. Prevention is the only one options to protect
yourself and your family.

What is Covid-19 or Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a such type of virus that belongs to that type of viruses family whose infection can cause
from a cold, fever to shortness of taking breathe. This is the new virus which has never seen before.
Corona Virus started to spread from Wuhan, China in December.
According to WHO, the symptoms of Corona virus are like fever, Cough, Headache, Shortness of breathe.
No vaccine has been made to stop this corona virus so we have not any option to protect ourselves
better than prevention.

What are the symptoms of this disease and how can you protect your self?

Corona virus's symptoms are same as flu like fever, cough,headache and shortness in breathingbreathing, running nose and sore throat arise. Corona Virus Spreads from person to person so you have to be careful about it. In Some cases, corona virus can be very dangerous so don't take it for granted. Specifically, those people whose are 60 years above and already have diseases like diabetes, Asthma and Heart related disease.

There are many guidelines for everyone to prevent us from this corona virus. According to them, these guidelines are as follows:
  1. Your hands should be cleaned and regularly washed with a soap and water properly atleast for 20 seconds, you can also use Alchohal based Hand rub.
  2. You should have to keep your nose and mouth covered with a tissue paper or handkerchief or mask while peeling and coughing.
  3. Maintain a certain distance atleast one metre from those people who have flu and cold symptoms.
  4. Don't touch your face,eyes,nose and mouth again and again with your hands.
  5. Avoid intake egg and meat.
  6. Avoid contact with wild animals. 
  7. Stay Home and Stay safe.
  8. Avoid to go outside and also in crowdy places.
  9. If you are suffering from fever, cough and shortness in breathing then you should seek medical attention.
  10. You should follow all the instructions which are provided by the nation.
  11. You should take your meal properly.
You should also do the self care like:
  1. If you have any symptoms, Don't go outside and stay home.

  2. Take proper rest and sleep properly.

  3. You should take plenty liquids.

  4. You should take a hot shower.

  5. You should keep warm.

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