Where can I state that terrace is communal?


I want to be as up front as I can with my guests before they book. We have a wonderful communal terrace which we have pictures of. However, I'm concerned it may give the impression it's their own terrace. How and where can I state that it's communal?

Also, to prevent gatherings out of respect for the other residents, I'd like to state somewhere that non-paying guests aren't allowed access to the communal terrace.

How and where can I do this?

Thanks everyone


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Don Burns 3 years ago

You need to write your new communal-terrace rules and send it directly to the Booking,com staff via the "Booking,com Messages" tab.  Then, Booking,com staff will paraphrase your new sentences and add it to your property webpage.


Unfortunately, you cannot edit, delete or add text to your property description yourself.


P.S.:  You could post a small wall sign (framed or laminated) on your communal terrace about your shared-space rules.  Then, your guests cannot claim they did not read the "fine print" on your property webpage before arriving.