Why does the Community Staff Never clear the backlog of questions posted ?


Something many are probably wondering ...

why is it that each Partner Hub , Global /USA/Italy, has a  backlog of unanswered Posts, gone untouched by Community Staff ?


despite the global moderator staff have access to them all and could easily close them out or at a minimum share pre-set replies depending on the topic.

Yes sometimes they just need a simple How Do  I Find HowTos and contact methods .


Curious to see what the official answer is from Community Manager Didem - Community Manager  


  • Yes I know I still hold the record for doing it since 2019, single handedly.
  • I stopped doing it, since its not my job to do it.
  • But on occasion I will do a few pages ,as I hate the fact there's no breadcrumb navigation at the bottom of the short list, its so annoying.
  • example
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Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

It's because:

a) they don't care

b) they don't understand

c) they think Booking.com is always right and everyone else is always wrong

d) they have no respect for hosts / partners / guests

Simple as that really.

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Didem - Commun… 1 year ago

Dear BrookAve, thank you for sharing your thoughts! You have been an invaluable continuous support in the Partner Community, and we all highly appreciate your help and care to your fellow partners here. 


As the Community team, our aim is to help and care for our partners in this community in the best way we can. We do this by replying to questions as much as possible, creating content that is meant to inform or encourage as much as possible, and by sharing your (and others’) feedback with our colleagues to make them aware of our partners’ pain-points. 


There are indeed unanswered questions within all our communities, and our hope remains that we can facilitate partner-to-partner conversations as much as possible. We in the community team also contribute as much as we can, and in recent months have increased our number of account advisors that can offer guidance and advice directly in the community.


We are also working on improving the community interface (as you mentioned) so that more unanswered posts are easily visible on the homepage to find them and reply to. We hope that our updates will make interaction easier for everyone.


Please feel free to tag me directly if you have more suggestions or questions. Thank you so much for leading the way!