Why is does my proprety appear as not available for booking on the website?

My proprety, Só Mar, in Vila Nova de Milfontes
appears as available with the correct prices when doing a normal search. (Bottom one)

First search

But when I click "See availability", it redirects to this page containing the following message:

"Só Mar isn’t bookable on our site anymore, but we’ve found some great alternatives for you in Vila Nova de Milfontes!

Do note that it is the same page as before but with the error message at the top:

What can I do to solve this?

I really need help!

Manuel Viegas 3 years ago

It's not happening TO ME now, and I haven't changed a thing.
All rooms were always "bookable" in my calendar, meaning they had at least 1 in inventory and were open.

BUT, it's still happening to some persons, some people have called, asking via the phone if the booking website was correct. And obviously wasn't.
This is a wierd issue that messes with possible reservations. What can I do to solve this?

3 years ago

Hello Manuel Viegas! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thanks for posting. It is pretty strange, because I can see your property being available for reservation. If you still have concerns, the best thing to do will be to contact support.