Will guests treat my apartment worse if they think it is part of a hotel?

Hi all.

I recently put my apartment on Booking.com.

We have had a few bookings so far who have been great. But the last guest left the apartment in a mess and damaged the worktop as if they had been banging it with something.

My apartment is joined on to the Radisson Hotel. We are emphasizing that there is a restaurant and gym on-site. I think some guests may think it is a serviced apartment which is part of the hotel complex.

So here is my question. Should I really emphasize that the apartment is not part of the hotel is any way, and it is my home which I am renting out. Do you think guests will treat it with more respect? I think I know the answer but I just wanted to ask.


Apartment Na D… 4 years ago

Hi, from my experience, emphasize everything. I had to put a written message among the apartment pictures to let people know, that they are renting our guestroom. As one family was furious they didnt understand it was a "homestay" and booking does not show the profile we filled stating it is within our house. Still those guests broke all rules, trashed the house, complained about us so booking kept the payment and i still had to pay the 15% AND we received a score of 0 points that trashed our rating.
As for treating with respect, Alas, you cannot really know who rents the place, so you can have super amazing guests and you can have guests who will be a nightmare. What we do is to make the guests sign a paper like in a hotel, and if they trash something, they have to pay for it.