Wrong Photo displayed by Website relevant to type of accommodation requested.

Good Morning


The photo link on our profile relevant to the accommodation is correct

under our User Profile settings. While displayed incorrectly to clients.

We have a 2 Bed Cabin @ N$220.00 per person per night and a 2 Bed

Self-Catering Bungalow @ N$950.00 per unit per night.


Both type of apartments has the correct corresponding pictures

displayed in the "User property Layout" Tab. But our clients on the website

keep viewing our 2 Bed self catering Bungalow units @ the tariffs of our

2 Bed Cabins? How can we rectify this?



Izak Louw

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Izak Louw I think its better to call your local BDC office and ask them to make changes needed.

Wish you luck....

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Mashi Niwarthana 4 years ago

Contact booking.com immediately. I also faced to a problem like this. They helped me.