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Abnormal behavior of booking team

Dear partners after 3 years wirking with booking, we have one apartment with score of 9.6 and more than 120 reviews. We just got this email without any problem case having behind and without any call or email.

This is my experience and only to say that booking team offices worlsdwide does not coordinate well because I have documented and saved all proofs that one team exp: remove review, second one put put back same review, then invoice team remove commission for that review on the and I have canceled reservation for which I do not nees to pay commission but guest of that reservation has left review.


Email that I got is 

Dear Partner,

Unfortunately, your accommodation has been suspended from the platform due to a material breach of the Accommodation Agreement (please refer to article 5.1 of the General Delivery Terms).

It has come to our attention that some of your Reservation records have been detected with typical patterns of Commission Avoidance.

We kindly request you to honor all outstanding reservations you have on our platform prior to the effective suspension date, regardless of whether the date of the guests’ departure is before or after the date of suspension.

In accordance with the terms of the Accommodation Agreement, we also request you to pay any outstanding commission due to BV (plus costs, expenses and interest, if applicable).

This is an unmonitored email address. Kindly contact us via your extranet inbox if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

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pibomarco 2 years ago

Contact your account manager. 

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David S 2 years ago

Hello Pibo

We have sent all informations about this situation and we answered on all 5 questions that booking have sent to us. Its just not right to feel like someine guilty on court... we feel like that. 

There are all questions about:

- do we understand counsequences, did we make investigations about this case, do we understand legal terms of punishement... and etc

Its just that we feel a bit forced to accept some responsibility for cancelated and non show is that possible?!




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pibomarco 2 years ago

I am not quite familiar with your case that you described.. I know that "partner behaviour warnings/suspensions" can be automated based on some algorithms they use.

In my case, my property aprox 2 - 3 years ago was suspended for few months, because we (previous owner/manager) were notifying our bookers to book directly with us 10% cheaper. We received a warning and still continue to do this because we kind of thought, they will not gonna suspend us.. They receive up to 5000€ monthly commission from us, we felt superior. 

Well and we got suspended... that's really bad since we receive majority bookings from That's when we realized we need BDC more then they need us.

How did we manage to unsuspend our property:

We've contacted our account manager, giving our word that it won't happen again, we also needed to change the ownership of the property, we removed the original owner/manager with a new one and giving our word that this ex owner/manager will not have an access to our property/extranet. We agreed/confirmed, it took some month for our property to be back online and since then everything is fine. 

That's why I suggested for you not to contact but call your account manager, explain the situation ect.. Ask them to assist you in this matter and that he forward a request to unsuspend your property to