About Property Verification

Hello, i didn't get a unique code of Property to verify it ,, and what can i do? i sent request again but also didn't come,,, what can i do? anyone can help me? 

Nick, from Georgia.


After stating this afternoon I had not received my code after asking twice- I then just received a code. Only to find it does not work?????? What do I do now??????


I listed 7 properties in June and still waiting for code. I have asked to be phoned as I am not at the properties but still nothing. Not impressed with their customer service


This unique code... why should it be sent by mail?

Why not just email it to us? It's quite a long wait for verification...


You say that the property verification will be sent to the address by mail. We do not have mail delivery in our village as everyone has PO boxes. You never asked me for my postal address.

Thuild - Your …

Oh dear.

So, mailing the code is a way to identify that the address you register is correct.

When you fill out the application, you need to include all details for the address, including PO Box code.

Because of failed mailing services of certain countries, these codes can get lost, therefore you have to call BDC to ask for a new verification code.

Zsolt - www.thuild.com


I live in a fairly low populated area and we don't have mail service to receive the code.