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About ready to give up on - Messaging failures, Support failures...Feedback Failures

I am struggling with this platform. Am I the only one?

I often struggle to send guests a message, as it says we are experiencing an error.

Today I was notified I got a new message, but it didn't appear in my inbox.

So I went to contact support. Goodness knows how I managed, as it took me half an hour to find out how. The website has multiple references to contacting support by going via Inbox and clicking Compose message, but this is not supported anymore, so their help is stale.

I finally got a call back, from someone who didn't know how to fix it, but passed me on to someone who confirmed I wasn't seeing things. The Inbox was showing 2 messages unread, but was also saying all messages were read, and when I tried to go to the guest in question (they told me who it was), neither of us could see the message they sent.

Then I separately got a support message saying to see the guest messages I should go to the inbox... which was irritating, as I learned how to read guest messages about five years ago, and my support complaint was that the message wasn't appearing. So I went to reply, but their email was from noreply. So I went to the customer service inbox tab, and saw their message there and replied, but then their original message was hidden, and now I can't read it again. So I went to base of screen and clicked the Give Feedback, but it says there is a problem. There was a button Still need help, and I composed a new response and then clicked SEND, but it just flashed a bit to prove it was clicked, but then didn't send. So I am now asking if I am really the only one who is about to give up on this booking platform, given the others I use are just super robust and much cleaner, simpler UI. Is it just me? So I am posting here, and I attached a image of one of the half dozen issues I am facing with this site. Anyone else having the same problems? Even posting this message here, I could not upload the screenshot due to an error as I needed to give alternative text to the image, or use double double quotes to say the image should not have alt text. WHAT? Really? It could not be more confusing, more friction, and more technical problems if they tried. I can't believe how bad a system this is, for such a large company. Being totally unable to read guest messages, or find site help, or respond to help, or even see help responses... Sigh. I don't even know where to start with a complaint, but then I can't now find where to even send it, as they have hidden this well, while still advising in their 'How to contact us' pages that we just to to click the now non existant button 'Compose message'. Oh JESUS. I spent existent wrong above, and right clicked here to correct spelling, but their site doesn't support right click spelling fixes like all normal sites. I don't know who runs this company, but I struggle to know how you remain in business with so many serious technical problems.  


The customer service message I responded to is now NOT SHOWING, so I can't read the details to recheck.

ALSO, I clicked Give Feedback at the base of this screen in blue, but it says it's not working. Which is irritating. I can't give feedback via that, I can't see support messages here, I can't see guest messages (but I know they sent them), and many times in the past, I have tried to send messages but it says error, so I have to wait a day and try again and then it works. Sending guest messages fails on Pulse as well as here, but today it's working. is so terrible in it's technical failures, I just want to close my account

Stately Bowral… 1 year ago

So I managed to find 'a' way to send a complaint, given the feedback feature seems broken. Actually TWO different feedback features I found, both broken. But I registered a complaint. This is the response. It's as if they didn't read a word of my complaint at all. Is it a robot? There is no reservation. I am a partner, complaining about the guest messaging system. Even the link they gave was full of computer code as shown below. I can't click it, or even read it. - Are there any humans there at all? With brains I mean.... ------------------------------------------------- We need a bit more information to help you faster and better. Please reply to this email with the following details: •       Confirmation number: •       PIN number: •       Email address used to make the reservation: •       Accommodation name and location: •       Check-in and check-out dates: We hope to hear from you again very soon. -- *** Customer Service Team Click the following link for the Customer Service phone number in your country ***