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Account closure due to mistake


Did anyone else also receive this message:

September 19, 2019 - 14:50:58

Dear Partner, Greetings from, We encountered a technical challenge and paid you full amount without deducting the commission for August as usual Kindly arrange to settle the amount due before 23.09.2019 and send proof of payments to avoid closure of your account. Your invoices are found on the extranet under the Finance Tab and can be downloaded for payment to be made. Best regards, Credit Control Team

I thought it a bit cheeky to threaten me for a mistake made by

Spent a while on the phone this morning but got nowhere. Sent a message and the autoreply said I could expect a reply in two days...

I'm thinking if can blame me for this where is the line drawn?


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Leandri Klopper 2 years ago

Hey there,'s invoice department is the only department that I dislike speaking to. Customer Care / Partner Services / Customer Services etc is amazing, they are always friendly and willing to assist. But the Financial department, wow. I agree with you that that message sounds very cheeky, they probably just want to "enforce" the terms and conditions of using (because it is stated in our contracts that our commission needs to be paid otherwise they can suspend the account) but that message is extremely poorly written. 

I feel like someone from Customer Care needs to start proof reading what the Financial people are trying to say. I sadly get to do with them whenever a member cancels and we waive the comm and it doesn't reflect on the invoice. So then I have to dispute it. 

In this case I shrug it off, we all need to pay the commission in any way. Whether or not they mistakenly paid it over to us, they are owed that money. Their manners leaves much to be desired but at the end of the day it can only influence me if I allow it. 

Hope you will feel better, it is sadly a battle that you won't be able to win. 

Keep well. 

Beneke de Wet 2 years ago

Thanks for the message. I don't mind paying at all. But when rude like that I dig my heel in. If they came up with a few suggestions to solve the problem I would have been all ears. Threaten account closure and you have lost me. Good to know there is a (unfortunate) pattern. I'll try my best to stay away from Finance.That is if I still have an account... Hehe!

Stevespencerf 2 years ago

How ridiculous!

They screw up then threaten you with closure if you do not pay it back within a week!

I am experiencing the same thing as yourself. Constant contacting them, told someone will get back in 2 days and NOTHING!

I call again and I get the same message! Its been over two weeks now.

They need to sharpen up their act or people will leave them in droves

Hope you resolve it soon