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Additional Categories Appearing In Reviews

We had some wifi problems in the whole area this weekend.  One guest gave us a 5 for free wifi, and now our hotel says in big letters in our review section FREE WIFI 5/10 LOW SCORE FOR THE AREA

How is this fair?  Literally one rating and it shows up on our page and says we are the worst in the area?

Booking won't show ratings for our hotel until we had five, seems like at least that policy should be extended to these additional categories!  We actually have very good wifi. We pay a lot for it, and now one guest who got unlucky gets to affect all our potential reservations going forward! Please address this!

Aaltje B.

Tip: Add a new photo with written in it:  wifi 100%

Hopefully, future guests will look through photos of your listing before booking. 



Aaltje B. 




Mantra Gili

Aaltje B.  thanks for the tip!  i really feel this is unfair of though and I hope they fix/change this

Aaltje B.


But pls continue to request for upgrades since it be listened to sooner or later.

I the meantime we have to be creative as can be .


Aaltje B