Additional House Rules

Hello everybody!!!
Additional House Rules. “Neighbours, extra visitors,parking, safety and security, food and waste, shared areas and amenities, emergency services etc.”
Booking.com advises us to add our extra House Rules and let our guests know when they arrive.
Is there a possibility that all our extra House Rules be added to our listing so that guests can acknowledge them and agree to them when booking?
It will save us time explaining and making all this clear before guests arrive at our property.

What is your opinion with this? Should we ask booking. com to support us in this matter?
Thanks for your input!

Leandri Klopper


Hope you are well. Well, according to the Ask Me Anything section:

"To give the full context, we developed all of the Trust and Safety features based on interviews, surveys, and workshops with real partners. We used these insights to tailor the new features to partner needs. I can of course understand that the same solution might be perceived differently by different partners, so I appreciate your feedback that these new features might not be the best for your particular property. We’re always trying to improve our products, and that’s exactly why we are glad to be having this conversation. Please share more of your thoughts on these features via your property inbox – that way we can get more insights into what can be improved.

If you want any more info our Trust & Safety features, check out the Knowledge Base here and here."

... yes, yes we will have to make a group effort to get that done. Because I've had yet another client who denied knowing important things which was stating quite clearly in all correspondence I've sent. So I'd love a little tick box...

*goes to send feedback* ....

M Adamopoulou

Yes Leandri another tick box is absolutely needed I think.
Thanks for your comments and reference to the matter.

Leandri Klopper

Haha M Adamopoulou


I enjoy a good call to arms to get something from Booking.com, now I'll enjoy it even more because I'll feel like a Musketeer.

Keep well!

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Leandri-Klopper yes like musketeer we should all try our best.


Susana Goncalves

Yes please, I would also love to see those additional House Rules in my booking page.