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Agoda Bookings without guest phone number


We have our properties set up so that guests must provide a mobile phone number, but I am getting an increasing number of bookings from agoda which are not providing valid phone number.

These bookings are not in accordance with the policy we have set.

Please fix your system to provide phone numbers for all agoda guest, as this is becoming increasingly annoying.

And whilst on the subject, provide your accommodation partners with guest email address.  The old privacy arguement is BS.  Even expedia has relented and now provided guest email addresses.

Regards Stephen

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Sthephen and welcome to the Partner Community.

Since this is only a Partner Community, you have to resend you message request through your Extranet inbox tab

directly to

Have a nice day.

Aaltje B.

Hi Stephen

Isn't that annoying if you can't reach someone by phone! 

Often numbers are given but then of home-country and that is not helpful either since the host has to call an expensive foreign number. 

Hopefully the guests use a travel phone, with sim card of the country, but then hosts won't know the number. 


Ideally try to contact through the special email given by company, and then fingers cross people have access to wifi, or even read your email! 

It is a tricky one! 


You may have to request their telephoon number as soon as they are in the country. But that is a hassle too if busy. 

So far I have not been able to tackle this problem efficiently and cheap. 

Hope someone comes up with a clever idea. 


Greetings from New Zealand. 

Aaltje B. 




Newcastle Acco…

Hi Aaltje,

We manage many properties, some with self checkin, so an up-todate email and mobile number is important.

We have set up an automatic new booking message in asking for guests to provide their email address.  This works about 75% of the time, however not everyone responds, or they think that responding to the email is enough (without actually typing their email into the body of the message).

Where the email is not provided we follow this with a text message, which is why the agoda bookings are so annoying.

We also include the guest phone number in all emails from our PMS so that guests can advise if the incorrect or out of date number is given.

Regards fro Oz.