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Alex Mcclendon Scam Artists

I had a guest book and pay via his credit card. The guest stayed at my property and then disputed the charge with his credit card/bank. He won the dispute and therefore stayed at my property for free. or PayPal could do nothing about it. I have been doing business with VRBO since 2005 and have never lost a dispute with a guest. is the worst vacation rental sight I have ever worked with. The do not understand the beach vacation rental owner business. It is disgusting that they would allow a guest to get away with this.

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Summerwind,


Technically this is a chargeback, and not a lot anyone other than you can do.


BdC don't own your bank and have no jurisdiction on this, how ever if guest booked via BdC , you can report them for fraud.


Your rental type is irrelevant to the actual topic and task at hand. So lets just stay focused on how to best manage this going forward.


1. enable all rates in policies as prepay only.

2. enable Payments by or close listing if BdC support refuse to enable it.

2.1 you could take prepayments with a service like they offer partners a special sign up offer. alternatively 2.2 with any payment provider you need to request a virtual terminal after signup. Chat online or email payrexx to see what they will offer you for your country.


3. set strict rate plans and policies for prepayment, strict cancellation policy, consider non refundable and flexible, where flex rate costs more but a 50% refund option.


Stay the course and persevere , you will get the setup right.


Kind regard