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any compensation for losses due to Corona? booking asking for government funding

Do I understand correctly that owners who are renting their property are taking the financial losses, as result of the panic corona measurements took? Cancelling everything, without even presenting the option to change dates or a voucher like the rest of the travel industry? On top of that, despite the billion profits over the last years, and fiscal benefits in the Netherlands, they are requesting government funds to survive corona. Where are the cumulated billions now? Am I the only one astonished by the lack of community responsibility of 

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Half right, they do give the options but not ALL of the options, such as partial refund , e.g. 50%.


This is a broken record on here already as many have already said the same to day over the last few weeks.


welcome to the club. :(


Sophie Messens 2 years ago

thanks for your comment, sorry I missed the broken record. Only since shortly it seems there are different options for guests. My guests informed me that they received a mail from booking advising to cancel their booking, without any other option or facilitating re-booking. The attempts some did trying to rebook, were a burden. And certain days, I dare to assume days with a targeted DM campaign, multiple cancellations came in at once. 

I tried to contact booking about their advice, no answer. Asked if booking was planning to create a fund to support its community such as Airbnb, short answer: no, only 'plans' and 'marketing'. Without saying the first focus is safety and health for everyone, taking care of each other in every possible way. Whilst doing so, also large profit-making corporations should take their responsibility - not only by employing humans for as little as possible wage.

On top of that, redirecting the losses to guests and owners, they have the guts to ask government support, which on the longer term will be supported by 'the community' and civilians again. I hope in postcorona times as much as possible people will take CSR Corporate Social Responsibility into account as decision maker to purchase any service or product. 

For now, I'm advising guests to use Airbnb for future bookings.