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Avoiding cancelations and getting the clients to pay in through Booking

The feeling of waiting on a client  to show up and noticing that time passes by and that they have not bothered at all to give you a call is something that I am sure has bothered many of us.  So I ask, why doesn`t line themselves up with companies that can help enable and empower many of us with at least a little bit of the " Money that we have invested in a profesional clean up company?  The fact is that using a vcc is a possibility but then the bank nabs  or takes some of that cash and  here it is very a very steep.  If that were not enough the interest to use the machine plus the monthly fee for the use of the machine increases the amount one has to charge so as to have a "stable" income after taxes.  In Europe and the UK there is a company that goes by the name of Payoneer. could affiliate itself to this company and therefore relief us from the government burocracy.  Per say we could  be more content weather the potential clients show up or not.  This would be a sure guarantee that we would at least finish with some of the investment place into the house so as to have a secure biological place not only for the clients but also for us. 




Hi Carlos,


It is free to use the Bdc Online Payments method.


You just enable prepay in policies ,and set up a payment service gateway provider to then process the VCC.


There are plenty of these, and some even have the option of generating a payment link too.


Some have offers for BdC Partners such as

Others like (with Speak to them first before signing up to tell them what you need to be able to do.




Carlos Mora Ca…

Hi there BrookAve.

First of all wish to say thanks for all the info. Unfortunately not everything that you wrote works on this side of the ocean.  To start of  you mention that you 

- enable prepay in policies and set up a service gateway so as to process the VCC.- I tried multiple times to do so with a provider.  The result was negative. There are non here in the area of Costa Rica.  Second thing is that the use of a VCC is not provided in our case.  I inspected the tab that you kindly suggested and nothing.

You also mentioned that there are plenty of these and that some even have the option of generating a payment.  That part of the info is not clear at all to me.  Maybe a language diference?

I also went and checked sumup and payrexx.   The one that caught my eye is sumup but to be very honest with you we do not have that sort of molney so as to invest in a machine.  So our chances are very slim or narrow.  If could help us by creating a channel through Payoneer thatt would be great for them as well as for us.  They would get the cash first due their buisness and then send us the money over to England and from their we could dispose of the cash because we already have a debit card from them. 

This last resource would really be helpful to us.  

Once more thanks for your interest,

Yours Truly,

Carlos Mora

Account Adviso…

Hi Carlos Mora Cavallini,


Our Payments by Booking model currently has only been rolled out to a few select countries at this point in time. We are working to expanding this globally but this will take time as each country's banking structure is different. Currently for Costa Rica, this option is not available so it would be advised for you to manage your own payments.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.

Carlos Mora Ca…

Hi there.  Very pleased to have received a response from you.  I can understand that only some countries have been blessed with this aspect.  I remind you, with al due respect, that even though the house and I are in Costa Rica the element mentioned of Payoneer is a viable solution.  This company is located in England.  Therefore the payments can be done through your company,, you would handle the payments and deposit the reminder of the cash to this company.  Not sure if this would work or not,  Appreciate your time and sincerity


Account Adviso… Instead could you checkout what option ARE available for Carlos and then share the details.


Note You did not comment on BdC Online Payments ,you only mention Payments By Booking.


Communities Team