Avoiding Parties

I currently have my settings so that people can book without me confirming, unless its less than 24 hrs away. Is there a way to keep it like this, but for me to approve all single night stays? (ie if they want 2 or more nights they can book. If they want just one, I have to approve it?) I want to do this to stop people booking just to have a party (which they are not allowed to do anyway, but this would help).

I don't want to limit all bookings to 2 nights, as we are near a ferry terminal, and we get quite a lot of customers who need 1 night so they can catch an early ferry. Thanks



Hi Richard


There is no partner confirm option, never has been.


What you have described is 'having ones cake and eat it too' , thats not realistic, it can only be 0 or 1.


But what you could do is have the 2 night rate cheaper than 1 night rate plan.


Avoiding parties is near impossible, realistically.


You could simply state in fine print if party of 4 or more than a deposit of X is required.