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Awards 2020

thank you so much for responding and seeing our real effort to offer the world high quality vacations

The reason we got this criticism is because they preferred to do it right away! I think this helped a lot

Thank you very much Booking!

2 years ago

Hello Γιαννίτσης Γεώργιος! Congratulations! Thank you for posting in the Community. Please, tell us more about your hard work. I'm sure new partners will be interested in learning more about your experience.

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Georgie! congatulations.

Greece was in the last but not least place of the awards... 

There is no place without a Greek!!!

Kalo vradi!!!


2 years ago

Hi Владимир Поляков! This is an English speaking Community, but we are working on launching more languages in future. Please, write your comment in English or use Google Translate or any other tool to translate it, so other partners can help you with your question. Thank you for understanding.