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Bad behaviour of our guest!!


Our guests booked for the eastern - Krysztof Szal - demolished our private locker and stolen our washingpower and maybe other thing we do not mis at this time. Furthermore we are missing some boxes in the kitchen. Oké for that , not social behaviour. I allready blocked the guest as "not welcome any more"!

They give us a anonymous review of 6. After what is happening I am totally not agree with this, please can you get that review out.


Sabine van Vlijmen - Owner of Appartement AanZee


You have posted this on the partner forum so we are not able to help with this.  You should contact the help team on email using Inbox icon on Extranet.



I never cease to be totally gob-smacked that a guest whose been reported and blocked can still leave a review.

If they MUST be allowed then their review should also be flagged as reported undesirable by the host and the score given not count towards the property's overall score. Remember a host has a very limited window to report but the guest has 6 months. How can that possibly make sense?

Total madness by BDC.