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Good morning having posted previously and after various suggestions i am still having problems completing the 'Bank details' section. Basically after completing the correct IBAN number, and account holders name, it is still requesting a valid account number. There doesn't appear to be a space to accommodate this, and as Barry has previously stated this is included within the IBAN number anyway. I have attempted to include a screen shot however i this is also proving difficult as it is requesting 'Image field required ' when inserting the image 9 haven't got a clue what this is. Anyhow any help and suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Regards Phil.




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Phil Higley

Hi Barry

many thanks will give it a few more days, as not only am i having problems with completing the banking details section, but also it's been well over a week now since i registered and the advert is still not live. This may be because of missing information on my behalf which is now complete.


Cheers Phil.

Phil Higley

Hi have been informed that the reason i am unable to complete the 'Bank Details' section is because the IBAN code needs to be a Cypriot one ( i have been trying to submit mu UK account )as that's where our property is located. This is a great inconvenience to be honest, just wonder if anyone else has had this problem, and are their any options available. I don't have the facilities to take payments myself as far as i am aware.Any suggestions on what i would need to do to make this possible would be very much appreciated.

Regards Phil.

beatrice amin

Hi Phil

Did you get your IBAN problem sorted as I've got the same problem