BdC - Room Setup - Add option to add additional room to existing property




So after searching and seeing unanswered questions on essentially the same topic, I felt it was long over due to get BdC to answer and resolve this .


Under Property > Room Details, logically you would expect there to be an option called:

  • "Add Additional Room"


You would think thats a logical basic function and is on all other OTAs. Yet when you view the page all you see is :


Yep thats right there is no option to 'Add Room'.  Seriously BdC devs how did you miss this crucial feature.


Not everyone will want to just add all rooms on day one and instead be cautious.

I saw some partner comments about contacting BdC to have them amend and take up to 7 days.... yep you read that right 7 days, no one wants their property unavailable for 7 days just to add a new room. Perhaps its no longer 7 days... I am about to ring BdC advisor and see what circles I have to jump through to get this resolved. I will update here and all those unanswered same topics with findings.







Today after speaking to BdC advisor the current workaround  is:


  • Contact BdC advisor explain Add Room is not visible for same property.
  • The advisor, once you approve, can create a new basic room with basic info from you.
  • Now refresh the Proerty - Room Details Page, to see the additional room.
  • Now edit and update all missing relevent info.


It has been logged as a bug.  I suspect its really due to having one room type and a count of 2 originally and then you drop it to count 1 of , so then the system does not adjust the page layout to allow you to add a room.

Isle of Wight …

I don't see "Room details" on our listings - what you've shown in your image is Property > Property Details for all of our listings.

On our listings, below the photo on the left, it shows Number of this type: 1

Below this is an Edit button, which takes us to a page that allows us to edit Number of rooms (of this type)

When we add our properties, they are always "Entire Place" - there are never any extra rooms to add - yet the BDC system allows us to add extra rooms. I would guess that BDC think of a house as a "room". It seems that BDC have a different definition of the word "room" to the rest of the world .....

Maybe when you added your property, you used something other than "Entire Place"?