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Bonus for Review Award 2018


Some of our partners suggested that it would be much apprreciated if Review Award 2018 could be featured on our front page. I fully agree, it would be a very thoughtfull contribution.

Please share your thoughts....

Happy posting....


Aaltje B.

Oh, you mean when the award will appear when potential guests are searching for awarded hosts, like in Airbnb where the award is brightly showing. Top idea!

Bandara Hotels…

They already have review score next to hotel name on the search page. I am not sure what kind of badge/marketing tag that you suggest.

For me I will suggest different color of review score level. Such as for hotel have review over 9.0, the color should be more attractive and eye catch than other. Or different shape, blink background etc.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Bandara and thanks for your suggestions. They are always so valuable. I know Review score is beside the property name but it's not clearly that it refers to a yearly score and that property has granted a reward. Not all guests are acquainted with review awards...
Bandara, my review award is 9,7 . Beside my property name my score is 9.8. Please give me an explanation to this????