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hello dear all, I have free cancellation, but I find it not a good idea, as most of the guest are canceling 1 day earlier, any recommendations?

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M Adamopoulou

Hi! Tamo-Zamtaradze and welcome to the forum.

I also have cancellations but not 1 day earlier since I have my policy 14 days earlier.

You have to change your cancellation and prepayment policies.

You can search in the box above by topic about cancellations. Fellow partners have made many suggestions how to avoid or minimize cancellations.

Hope you find what suits you best and wish you a good day.

8 months ago

Hi Tamo,

When making changes to your cancelation policy keep in mind that Booking prefers hosts with easy cancelation terms. This way you will appear in search results higher.

You can also set the prices higher for coming days and then run promotion with discount and set additional rules: non-refundable.

Hope it helps!

7 months ago
M Adamopoulou

I dont know if it helps Tamo, Katerinka12 but it certainly helps me.

Thanks Katerinka12 again for sharing your tips. Cancellations are a burden for me, especially when cancellations refer to 7 days reservations in high season....one day happy...ha...ha..ha....another day sad....sad...bubbles....bubbles...

Unfortunately we cant have everything...appear in higher results???cancellations??? I am trying changes as suggested and hopefully I will find what suits me better.

Have a beautiful day my sweet girl...

7 months ago