Booking does not apear in calendar

A booking that one guest has made, does not apear in my calendar. He has send me his booking number and everything seems to be correct.  How can this happen?


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Hi Heinz


It cant be both of those things.

You should actually be using the Reservations page as your daily go to.


Even the homepage on the Extranet, has a drop down for date range.

On its top right corner of the main pane,  is - View All Reservations as a shortcut.


Top of the page is a search box, copy paste their reference into that will also bring up the booking.


So if when you search or go to list to look at it and there is no result found, then its fake.


But if the dates and the reservation reference match up, then yes it will indeed be on your calendar too, once you move to that month or check -in date.


But only as a reduction in inventory count for that room type.

Note: calendar has filters and Room Type drop down so if you are on the wrong Rom Type selection you will not see it.



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