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Booking Messages problem

Dear Booking,

We had some issues on the 11th of September afternoon with our guests who didn't receive our preset messages regarding their check in.

We checked the admin panel and saw that all the messages disappeared for many hours which caused these problems.

It was very inconvenient for our guests and for us too and we are afraid that their review will show this as well.

Otherwise both guests wrote us that they were fully satisfied with our accommodation except this issue. If we get a not high level rating from them because of fault, we will let you know and ask you to cancel their rating!

We are checking our admin panel more times a day and last days seemed that is doing some modifications in the system, because the messages are continuing disappearing after entering, then after few minutes they show up again.

We hope that this will be solved asap and we will have no more inconveniences in the future.

Thank you for your feedback.  Best regards,  Dori, Vagabond Historic B&B Port Germein SA